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Why Video Testimonials Matter & How to Easily Collect Them

Last modified on June 19th, 2024 3 min read

how to collect video testimonials and why they matter shapo

Did you know that videos are shared 1200% more times than text and image content combined? In the world of marketing, video testimonials are a secret weapon for driving more traffic, leads, and sales. Let’s dive into why these powerful pieces of social proof are so effective and how you can start easily collecting amazing video testimonials.

video testimonial example
Video testimonial example

The Importance of Testimonials and Social Proof in Marketing

In the marketing world, customer reviews or testimonials and social proof are crucial assets for building trust and credibility with potential customers. Testimonials are positive statements or stories shared by existing customers about their positive experiences with a company’s products or services. Social proof refers to the psychological phenomenon where people are strongly influenced by the actions and behaviors of others, especially the “wisdom of the crowd.”

Testimonials act as a powerful form of social proof by allowing your happiest customers to become advocates for your brand. Hearing or seeing real people rave about your offerings provides social validation that you can deliver on your promises.

This third-party endorsement from trustworthy sources outside of your company helps overcome skepticism and boosts credibility much more effectively than promotional messaging created by your marketing team. In fact, 92% of consumers trust recommendations and opinions from others over branded content.

With the rise of online reviews and the importance of social media in purchasing decisions, leveraging testimonials and social proof is more vital than ever for businesses looking to stand out, build brand reputation, increase sales, and cultivate loyal customer relationships. Video testimonials in particular are one of the most impactful formats for harnessing this influential social proof.

The Benefits of Video Testimonials

Video testimonials bring your customer praise and social proof to life in ways that text reviews simply cannot match. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Increased Trust & Credibility

With video testimonials, your prospects get to see and hear directly from actual customers who have used your solutions. This raw, unscripted feedback provides social proof that builds trust and credibility for your brand like nothing else can. Hearing the tone, observing the facial expressions and body language – it all adds up to a much more authentic endorsement.

2. Emotional Connections

The enthusiasm and personality captured in video testimonials allow your audience to form real emotional connections with the advocates for your products or services. Those emotional bonds are incredibly impactful for getting potential buyers invested in your brand.

3. Better Storytelling

Video testimonials enable customers to chronicle their full journey as a rich, visual story. They can dive into their pain points, vividly showcase how they use your solution, and depict insightful use cases. This powerful storytelling creates far more engaging, memorable content compared to simply written reviews.

4. Hard Numbers on Video’s Effectiveness

  • 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations over traditional marketing
  • Videos are shared 1200% more times than text and image content combined
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text

The bottom line: video testimonials provide crucial social proof that can convince hesitant leads to choose you over competitors.

How to Collect Video Testimonials With Shapo

Realizing the immense potential of video testimonials is one thing – actually collecting them is another challenge entirely. That’s where Shapo comes in. Shapo is an innovative platform built specifically for collecting and showcasing authentic video testimonials at scale.

To learn how to ask customers for video testimonials in general, check out this post: How to Request Video Testimonials from Clients: A Step-by-Step Guide.

Here’s how it works:

Getting Videos Straight From Customers’ Smartphones

With just a few clicks, you can request for customers to submit video testimonials directly through Shapo’s intuitive platform and mobile app. They simply record an authentic video from their smartphone and you instantly receive the clips.

Shapo Video Testimonials Form

Streamlined Review and Organization

All submitted videos go into a queue in your Shapo dashboard, allowing you to easily review each one. You can curate your testimonials, maintain full transparency and consent from customers, and organize everything in one seamless workspace.

Customizable Video Testimonial Widgets

The final step is showcasing your best video testimonials for maximum impact. Shapo makes this easy with embeddable video testimonial widgets that you can fully customize and add anywhere on your website with just a few clicks. Design everything from the look and feel to the filters and auto-play settings.

Shapo testimonials widget embed

Real Customers, Real Results

“Video testimonials have been a total game changer for shortening our sales cycle and boosting conversions. With Shapo, we’ve been able quickly capture authentic, powerful social proof that gets skeptical prospects over the finish line.”

Michael R., Marketing Manager

Whether you want to feature video testimonials on key landing pages, run video testimonial ads, create a dedicated hub for customer stories, or all of the above – Shapo gives you all the tools to truly harness the power of video testimonials.

Start Capturing Authentic Video Testimonials Today

If you’re ready to start leveraging the marketing potential of video testimonials, getting started with Shapo is quick and easy. Give your happiest customers the opportunity to become your biggest advocates through engaging, persuasive video stories. The impact on your brand’s credibility, customer relationships, and bottom line can be immense.

Sign up for Shapo today and join thousands of companies harnessing the power of video testimonials to drive more traffic, leads, and revenue.

Yosi Dahan I'm all about leading the charge and bringing innovation to the table. With my team, we're making sure Shapo.io stays ahead in the tech game. Exciting stuff is in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more awesome vibes from us! 🚀