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Bring your existing testimonials

Gather up all the awesome things your customers have said about you on social media (like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) or on review sites (G2, Capterra, Google) and more.

⭐️ Fast import from 20+ sources
⭐️ Show off your testimonials in minutes
⭐️ Increase trust and credibility

Collection forms

Create nice looking, shareable forms to let customers say some great things about you and your business.

⭐️ Create a form in 2 minutes
⭐️ Style it to match your brand
⭐️ Easily share with a link or embed it on your site


Show off your best testimonials with our customizable widgets, build trust in your brand and give your audience the confidence to make a purchase.

⭐️ Various widget layouts
⭐️ Style it to match your brand
⭐️ Copy & paste to embed it on your site

Personalized email campaigns

Send personalized email outreach campaigns to your customers and collect even more testimonials today!

⭐️ Easily import a list of customer emails
⭐️ See detailed campaign statistics
⭐️ Save time & collect 3X more testimonials

Wall of Love

Curate your best testimonials on a stunning page. Add custom links and tweak the design to match your branding.

⭐️ No coding required
⭐️ Many design options
⭐️ Share it wherever you want and spread the love

Go out-of-the-box with the bestsocial proof tool for your website

User friendly
Navigate effortlessly through Shapo's user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for users of all levels.
Separate workspaces
Create dedicated spaces for each project or website, keeping your work organized and focused.
Awesome support
Count on Shapo's exceptional support team for prompt assistance, making your experience seamless and stress-free.
Constantly developing
Enjoy Shapo's ongoing upgrades for a tool that keeps getting better and better.
Design options
Dive into creativity with Shapo's endless design options, allowing you to customize it to fit your brand.
With all your data in one place, track multiple systems, never miss deadlines and having collaborate
Boost sales
Harness the power of social proof to build trust and credibility, ultimately leveraging it to drive more sales for your business.
Seamlessly add Shapo widgets & forms to any of your websites or landing pages.

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