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embed twitter tweets reviews testimonials on your website with shapo

How to Showcase Twitter Testimonials and Reviews on Your Website

With countless options available, customers lean heavily on social proof to guide their decisions. Embedding Twitter testimonials and reviews is a...
Yosi Dahan
2 min read
10 Powerful Ways to Collect Customer Testimonials

10 Powerful Ways to Collect Customer Testimonials for Your Business

You pour your heart and soul into your business, crafting the perfect product or service. You know it solves problems, brings...
Yosi Dahan
6 min read
measuring the roi of testimonials the ultimate guide

Testimonials ROI: The Ultimate Guide to Quantifying Their Impact and Value

In the cutthroat arena of online commerce, trust is the currency that fuels conversions and ignites customer loyalty. And what better...
Yosi Dahan
4 min read
how to skyrocket your website trust and conversions with customer testimonials

How Customer Testimonials Can Skyrocket Your Website Trust and Conversions

In the crowded online marketplace, grabbing attention and building trust is harder than ever. Potential customers are bombarded with promises and...
Yosi Dahan
4 min read